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MEADOWLANDS ROAD BRIDGEGATEWAY MOTORWAY UPGRADEContinuing on the successful relationship with LAJV on this high-profile project, saw NOVATEC be awarded the contract to design and supply its MEP Shoring system to be used as falsework to support the forming of this PIER 2 on the MEADOWLANDS bridge. This structure is part of the ongoing upgrade works that have been in progress to upgrade the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane..

OLD CLEVELAND ROAD BRIDGE  GATEWAY MOTORWAY UPGRADE PROJECTNOVATEC has been contracted to provide the right solution for the proposed widening of the Old Cleveland Road Bridge Abutments, which is part of the current Gateway Motorway Upgrade. Our StarTec panel formwork system being the obvious choice when it comes to formwork, and our MEP Shoring system the best choice when it came to falsework design..

PORT RIVER EXPRESS WAY PORT ADELAIDEContractor Mitcon from St Agnes South Australia was awarded the contract to undertake the construction of A most challenging bascule for the road bridge. As concerns the formwork, they decided in favour of the solution proposed by Novatec Construction Systems. Novatec's solution had Mitcon convinced by the clever combination of StarTec wall formwork panels with STB support frames - tightly connected to each other..


NORTH-SOUTH BYPASS TUNNEL BRISBANEThe first formwork pour was achieved by the use of our STB 450 BRACING FRAMES, along with our StarTec wall formwork panel system. These systems ensured we were able to pour the single-sided concrete at a height of 5 metres, by anchoring the STB FRAMES to the slab using a 20mm bar-tie system..





MURRUMBA DOWNS WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTNovatec was invited to submit a relevant functional & cost-effective design for the supply of formwork to the new INLET STRUCTURE ; which forms part of this project. The lead time was always going to be very tight for both undertaking the design and the necessary preparation of materials required. Novatec not only met the challenge head on, but delivered on time and within budget..

SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT MAROOCHYDOREThe challenge here was to construct the new BIOREACTOR TANK, the largest structure on this project. Triform P/L were looking for the right solution here; they were faced with meeting a demanding program and construction was to commence immediately. The design was to allow for an optimal pouring rate with a concreting height of 5.5m to contend with. The StarTec system proved the winner, large 2.7m x 2.4m panels, along with 2.7m x 0.9m panels were proposed to provide shutters with a height of 5.7m and a length of 13.5 m..

PIMPAMA WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTThe StarTec System was chosen as the preferred forming method, and with concreting heights of up to 6.4m, it was imperative that the formwork used was capable of withstanding the high loads resulting from the concrete pressures imposed. The use of the StarTec system meant that the tank was formed and poured without the need for any time-consuming assembly, as required with conventional formwork..


Q1 GOLD COASTA perfect example of how versatile the MevaDec system can be. The floor plans were a challenging geometry, it was not an obstacle that couldn't be worked through – 79 levels of concrete slab and proof that Novatec's formwork is the right solution even for those difficult construction problems..


CIRCLE ON CAVILL GOLD COASTNovatec's  MevaDec FTE slab forming system was the obvious right choice. The use of this system made it possible for the contractor to consistently achieve the required 4 day cycle time – and with exceptional results they even reduced the cycle time on several levels to a record of 3 days..


QUEENSLAND INSTITUTE MEDICAL RESEARCH In early 2010 NOVATEC reached another memorable milestone in being contracted to design & supply our MAC (Automatic Climber) jump form system to construct both the Lift & Stair Cores on the new QIMR project at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in Brisbane.

BURSWOOD TOWERS PERTHNovatec Construction Systems has reached another very important milestone in Australia with the launching of its Automated Climbing System (MAC) here on this high-profile Perth project. The MAC system is to be utilized in conjunction with the Mammut wallform system, to form up the proposed core on this 15 storey building..

NEXUS TOWERS GOLD COASTNovatec secured a contract with Pryme Constructions to provide the formwork equipment for Nexus Towers, a twin-tower residential and retail development located adjacent to the historic Guardian Angels Catholic Church in Scarborough Street, Southport.Once gain the preferred choice of slab forming systems was Novatec's MevaDec solution..

PIVOTAL POINT GOLD COASTNovatec worked closely with the formwork contractor on this project to provide a safe and efficient system to form the suspended slabs. It was decided to use a combination of the MevaDec FTE & the MevaDec HN systems. This enabled the customer to utilize some of his existing stocks ,whilst being able to top-up with the additional formwork..

SILVERSHORE BIGGERA WATERS GOLD COASTThis project saw the MevaDec FTE system used to form up the reinforced concrete slabs over a very large area.Large areas require the use of bracing towers. MEP Props and MEP Frames provided solid lateral support enabling continuous formwork erection regardless of size. Our customer was able to use his own stocks of the FTE system as far as possible..

SOUTHPORT CENTRAL GOLD COASTThe MevaDec systems have been used very successfully throughout the ongoing construction of this landmark development. It is without doubt that the results have been well proven – lower labour costs, reduced material costs, increased safety & simplicity in design. Today it is clear that the features and benefits of Novatec's systems are tried and proven !..

503 MURRAY STREET PERTHNovatec was asked to provide a cost-effective solution for the in-situ forming of the large core shaft on this project. The contractor needed to assemble & strip the external formwork at each lift, whilst the internal forms were to be supported from a conventional platform using suitable platform beams with gravity flippers locking into the formed pockets..

CEVUE PERTHThis high-profile project sees our MevaDec systems being used to achieve significant gains in productivity whilst enabling the contractor to meet the demands of the tight construction schedule. It goes without saying that expensive plywood & timber material costs are also greatly reduced..

502 ON HAY SUBIACO PERTHNovatec's MevaDec FTE system was used on this Subiaco project for the 1st time in Western Australia – a real milestone ! It continues to prove highly beneficial in the forming of suspended slabs and our customer is very excited with his better than  expected results..

EVOLUTION ON GARDINER DARWINAnother success story here in the NT. Novatec's MevaDec once again proves to be the preferred system, assisting our client to get the job done with semi-unskilled labour – as is so often the case in more remote areas, especially in today’s tight labour market. Ease of assembly with lightweight components also makes for easier work in tough working conditions..

LAMEROO DARWIN ESPLANADEDue to it's remote geographical location high rise construction in the Northern Territory demands that much forward planning is undertaken – Novatec Construction Systems were very happy to provide the right solutions! MevaDec for the slabs, Mammut & Startecfor the verticals provided the client with the results he was looking for & went the distance yet again!!..


ELDER STREET CARPARK PERTH Novatec's proposal was accepted to use Startec Wall Formwork and Meva Self Stripping corners for the stairshafts and MevaDec FTE soffit formwork with ply lining to form the soffits to slab and beams with build up and ply to form splayed beam sides.


WHELLER ON THE PARK BRISBANE We were contracted to supply on hire some 2000 m2 of formwork to this job. The typical floors are about 1100m2, and they are being formed in 2 pours.The propping height is around 3.1m to soffit level. The formwork design required the use of ME 350 props..


INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SYDNEYNovatec was the preferred option ,as the contractor was already requesting that the MevaDec FTE slab forming system be used. An innovative solution was required to form the band beams, which saw Novatec successfully engineer , manufacture and launch the all new NovaLoc system – an economical high load falsework alternative..


INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ADELAIDEMitcon Formwork, South Australia's largest formwork contractor was chosen to erect the suspended floors and the imposing entry walls. Mitcon chose to use the Novatec's AluStar & StarTec wall formwork systems. The combination of AluStar & StarTec ensured consistent progress when cranes were unable to operate due to high winds - AluStar panels are light enough to be able to continue to produce, even under inclement conditions..

ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE ADELAIDENovatec Construction Systems in cooperation with Mitcon Formwork provided the ideal solution; MevaDec slab formwork with MEP Shoring system. With MevaDec the beams and panels can be mounted free of any fixed grid, which makes it easy to assemble the slab formwork around supporting columns and at wall connections or similar. In addition it is possible to change the assembly direction of the primary beams, allowing a perfect adaption for the MevaDec formwork to the required layout..