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Novatec Formwork Systems

is a company that offers professional services to supply the latest technologically advanced products to the construction industry.


New is the operative word in Novatec Formwork Systems philosophy. New products, New services and New ideas are what we are about.


Other products imported and distributed by Novatec range from plywood and timber products through to scaffolds. All products are complimentary to formwork systems and the construction industry.


Versatility of Novatec's range of products is essential to allow us to cross over all sectors of the construction industry (civil, mining, commercial, domestic etc).


Advanced systems that have been designed to make the construction industry safer, simpler and more cost effective for everybody from the Architect, Engineer right through to the Formwork Contractor are what Novatec will offer the construction industry.


Technology is a large factor in Novatec's development. The products and services that we offer the industry are always technologically advanced to allow Novatec and their clients to be ahead of their opposition.


A leap in formwork technology ALKUS - Durability & Economic Efficiency

In the past 25 years, formwork technology has been developing to its present level. Large and small improvements have made the use of wall and slab formwork systems more and more economical. However, one thing had remained unchanged, the use of plywood as a forming face. The known disadvantages were accepted as alternative products were in short supply. However, at the beginning of the 21st century - a decisive leap in technology had been achieved with the development of the alkus plastic sheet. 

Building and Formwork contractors along with keen cost estimators have been thrilled with this latest deveploment.

At last a Forming face without swelling and shrinkage and delamination

In-depth research and persistent pursuance of objective pay off


Polypropylene, plastic composite construction, high modulus of elastictiy...! All very well, you will probably say, but how does that help me in practical application? Read on to find out what advantages the new alkus-sheet offers. more






Burswood Towers Perth

Novatec Formwork Systems has reached another very important milestone in Australia with the launching of its Automated Climbing System (MAC) here on this high-profile Perth project. The MAC system is to be utilized in conjunction with the Mammut wallform system, to form up the proposed core on this 15 storey building. Our client was looking for an alternative, yet tried and proven climbing system that uses hydraulic jacking from internal pockets, rather than pushing from the top of the formed Reinforced Conrete walls. MAC was the simple solution here, with its lower jacking beams providing the answers for safe & efficient climbing – whilst ensuring the top working deck remains safe and unobstructed. more..